Street Fashion Meets Graffiti

8:37:00 AM

Street art is created by artists who have chosen to create their work for all to see. Sometimes seen as graffiti or vandalism.

Today, paint and pens have become the most commonly used for graffiti. However, marking or painting property without the property owner’s consent is considered a crime, that is, vandalism.

Graffiti is artistic expression, it may not be acceptable for some, but hell, ART IS FREEDOM, FREEDOM IS ART.

My crew, that is my very best friend (who also happen to be my photographer) for this shoot decided to have one spontaneous trip. And tada! We landed at Intramuros, in their most famous Graffiti Wall Skate Park.

Intramuros Graffiti Wall Skate Park is located in Anda Street corner Arsobispo Street, Intramuros, Manila.

Channel vest | Bench shirt | F & H short | F21 dress | SM accessories necklace | SM accessories shades
Moe Bueno photography

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