Teatro Tomasino Presents "Ang Kalungkutan Ng Mga Reyna"

8:32:00 AM

In celebration of its 33rd anniversary, Teatro Tomasino presents Floy C. Quintos’ “Ang Kalungkutan Ng Mga Reyna”. Having been part of the cast is a privilege, being the main lead is a blessing.

The experience itself is liberating. The need to undergo rigorous trainings for theatre is not easy.

You should be passionate about what you do, hardworking and most of all, fearless. Fearless in a sense that, you would not care about what others would say (or think); what’s important is you’re doing your job well.

Teatro Tomasino is the university-wide theatre organization of the University of Santo Tomas. Acting on stage is therapeutic, it soothes the soul. You get to be yourself or portray someone you are not; you get to be someone for the time being.

“Ang Kalungkutan Ng Mga Reyna” is a play about a female leader in the Philippines who believes that monarchy is what the country needs in order to flourish. The play uses the hair as a visual metaphor for status, as well as a curious presentation of the theory that a leader, by projecting a drastically different image of her, can camouflage her dark intentions and change society’s perceptions on self-serving corrupt officials.

Check out the photo shoot, from on to off cam shots!

Willie Tan Go gown
Phillip Latonio photography

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